Prior to your upgrade, please ensure all the following requirements have been completed:

For Workstations & Servers

  • .NET framework 4.6.2 (or higher) is installed on ALL PCs that will be running Yellow Dog Inventory

  • If you host your own Yellow Dog Inventory server, SQL Server 2012 (or newer) must me installed. Earlier versions are no longer supported.

Within Yellow Dog Inventory

  • Ensure you have a recently committed Physical for each store. If you don’t have a recent physical, or aren’t following our best practices when taking physicals, you may see a change in the on hand and calculated cost numbers as the upgrade recalculates your data and catches things missed by your previous version.

  • Ensure all Physicals, Purchasing Documents (Receipts, Invoices, Transfers), and Item updates (manual adjustments, manual sales) are completed/committed prior to the start of the upgrade.

Handheld/Mobile Apps

  • The older Windows Mobile CE, Unitech handhelds (model PA 520) will be supported by both Unitech (the manufacturer) and Yellow Dog until EOY 2022. If you’re using these devices and the version of YDI Mobile CE predates 364 please request a software upgrade. Click here for a link to the PA 520 Resources page.

  • For hosted customers that do not currently have access to our mobile apps, the API agreement will need to be filled out. Click here to go to the agreement page.

  • If you’ve already filled out an API agreement with us and don’t know your Client ID, please email our Support team and they’ll provide that to you.

Additional Information:

  • All new features will be assigned to the YD Admin employee and/or employee groups. If you’d like access to a new feature and don’t currently use an admin account please reach out to those who do to request access.

  • Any items without activity over the last 2 years will be automatically set to the status of Inactive after the upgrade.

  • The new Closeout date feature will be preset to 60 days after the upgrade.

  • In the event you need to reschedule the upgrade or cancel the upgrade we require a 7 day heads up.