Why was I invited to a Check In Call?

We’re now requesting our customers to check in for their upgrades. This will reserve their slot on the calendar for the upgrade 1 month later.

How much does an upgrade cost?

Upgrades are included in your support contract at no extra charge.

What will the impact be on my store?

Yellow Dog doesn’t take offline or touch in any way the point of sale throughout the upgrade process. We encourage our customers to stay open and continue making sales throughout the upgrade.

What if my current Yellow Dog database server or PC’s don’t meet the minimum requirement for an upgrade?

If your server doesn’t meet the requirement you’ll either need to upgrade that or move the database to our cloud prior to the start of the upgrade. In the event your PC’s don’t meet the minimum, if new assets aren’t able to be acquired in time for the upgrade it will necessarily need to be postponed.

Yellow Dog Hosts my database, what are my responsibilities?

YD Upgrade technicians will likely still require access to your POS system server during the server review process and upgrade. Moreover, your local IT will be responsible to update any local assets to keep them relevant to our System Requirements and to perform the upgrade on the local workstations after the upgrade is completed on the cloud.

Is upgrading my Yellow Dog Inventory system optional?

No. In order to provide the highest level of service and support, we do require all of our customers to be upgraded once per year.

If I choose to skip or postpone my upgrade, will I still receive support services?

While we encourage all of our customers to upgrade to the latest version of Yellow Dog Inventory, we understand that there may be legitimate reasons for your company to skip or postpone an upgrade. That being said, we can only provide support for customers that are on a version above 361.

Can I schedule my upgrade for after hours?

We don’t staff Support or Development for after hours. In the event something happened that required their assistance we would be forced to wait until the following business day. This is also the reason we don’t perform upgrades on Fridays.

How long will my upgrade take?

It really depends on the size of your operation. Usually, we advise that your Yellow Dog Inventory system will be offline for 24 hours. It’s important to note that this will be no impact on your POS operations during the upgrade.

How will I know the upgrade is finished?

Our staff will reach out to let you know the upgrade is complete via the ticket created for the project. If a call is desired please inform us that’s desired at the time of the check in call.

Does Yellow Dog upgrade the program on my computer?

Local IT, or anyone with a Windows Administrator profile when they log into their Windows account, will be required to Right Click and Run as Admin the first time the YDInv.exe program is launched after the database upgrade is complete. This will trigger the local upgrade of the software and associated files on the computer. Additional instructions are provided after the upgrade is complete in the follow up email from our ticketing system.